Assisted Social Media Page Design & Management for a Bodmin Based Slimming World Consultant.


Ria Hunter is a consultant for “Slimming World”- a network of group based weight loss groups. Having recently expanded from one group to three, she wanted me to assist her with the operation of her public Social Media page- her primary form of communication and publicity.

What she required involved both the design and implementation of graphics, as well as assistance with management of the page as due to her expansion she felt she would not have as much time as she’d like to devote to publicising her groups.


After evaluating her current page, I first suggested to her a series of changes. The group was named “Bodmin Slimming World Wednesday with Ria 5.30pm” and the page URL was one that was similar to her email address, rather than anything that would be searchable. As a result, it was changed to the simpler “Bodmin Slimming World with Ria” with the URL changed to match this (the idea being that when someone searched for Bodmin Slimming World” she would appear higher in search rankings due to the increased relevancy, in addition to the need to reflect the fact it now covered three groups on a Wednesday. By adopting this name, it would also allow for further expansion without major changes, effectively future proofing the page.

I proposed to her that the social media page should be image driven- as word-of-mouth and sharing of posts would be the primary driver of increased response and visibility to the page. I would focus on the development of specific graphics, whereas she would continue with her posts with both of our work complimenting each other.

I have and will offer advice and guidance to Ria to how she can optimise her own output further.


The extra groups were due to launch at the start of 2018- traditionally a time of year where applications from potential new members to join are at its highest. As a result, I built the campaign around the hashtag #NewYearNewYou.

The content would primarily focus on conveying messages that provide encouragement to people that may be considering losing weight to join the group, often accompanied with details of how people can contact Ria or where the groups were taking place and when. The content would also be driven with an emphasis on stories from existing members on how well they’ve done or how much attending Slimming World and losing weight has changed their life as well as “encouraging messages” such as “This is the beginning of anything you want”, followed by details of the group.

To create a clear identity, I adopted a system of primarily using three fonts- which I refer to as Primary, Secondary and Tertiary. I wanted them to convey a sense of personality while being clear to read. As such I opted to design the graphics using handwriting style fonts. The primary font, often used in the body of the image is “Dudu Calligraphy”, the secondary font, used for the main heading is “Permanent Marker” and the tertiary font used primarily for subheadings and other information is “Caveat”- the latter two being Google font derived. These would be supplemented with other fonts for specific purposes, such as “Pirulen” which I use for the display of numbers.

The primary colour scheme for most of the graphics is Red and Black- which matches the colours used in the Slimming World logo, with the colours alternating- so if I used Red in the header, I would use Black for the Body.

I tried to avoid making the graphics too heavy in its wording. This achieves two aims- it conveys information that is quick to read, and in addition by adopting a clear, easy to understand language in the wording, it is more accessible. The images of meals used in the campaign are all ones that Ria’s members have created and shared, edited using Adobe Photoshop to remove background.


The #NewYearNewYou campaign will run for the entirety of January, to be replaced by a new campaign starting in February provisionally titled #SummerCountdown which will focus on the fact with five months until Summer, if the reader was to join Slimming World now, they could lose a lot of weight by the summer.

Coming months will also see the implementation of a multi-platform offering aiming at further increasing the profile of the group. The main of these will be the launch of a series of online videos titled “Angel’s Delights” presented by Graeme Angel. These will be a series of videos published both to the Facebook group and to Youtube featuring Graeme preparing and cooking various Slimming World friendly recipes. It is proposed that the offering will also include a website and social media platform of it’s own where visitors can view his recipes and try it for themselves.

Around the main series, we will also film short themed videos- such as Easter or Summer themed recipes to compliment the main offering. I am the creator and primary producer of these videos- conducting a series of roles from working with Graeme on what recipes will be featured, to operating the camera and editing and publishing the videos.