Another week…..another diary, and another song name in the title. I wonder how long I can keep this up for….

One thing that is being kept up is the weight loss! For the first time since early October, I’ve lost more than 2lb- this week was a 3lb loss. 

I believe I’ve said before a major milestone for me will be getting below twenty stone- it’s not a weight I’ve been for around eight years- it was that long ago I can’t precisely remember but it sounds about right. I’m now 3.5lb away- and interestingly, 2.5lb from getting to three stone lost. While I’ve come near to this weight before in previous weight loss attempts, I haven’t got this far and that feels good.

The Week in a Nutshell

Outside of weight loss, I’ve had a difficult week but I’m delighted by the fact I’ve remained totally focused on my weight loss. The Slimming World group I go to are an incredibly welcoming and fun bunch, and I’ve noticed recently the core group (that is, the group that were there last year, we’ve had quite a few new additions) have become closer, and are all doing an extreme amount to encourage and support each other and for that I’m grateful. I’m particularly in admiration for a gentleman called Andrew, who in seventeen weeks has lost not too far off four stone. Incredible, and the difference in him is stunning. That’s the sort of success I’m aiming for- last year at times was patchy, but this year is going to be the best I can be.

I don’t think I’ve done anything particularly off track this week and I think that shows in the loss I’ve had. I’m absolutely delighted.

I’ve been experimenting with different things this week- one of which was egg fried rice, which you can see in the pictures. Another example is the meal I’ve just eaten, which I’ll tell you about shortly.

Keeping It Real

When I was talking to another member of the group, we were discussing various things we eat (somewhat unsurprisingly, given the nature of the group). I mentioned the fact that while I’m semi-rigid in some part of my regime (I generally favour mushrooms and onions as my accompanying vegetables), on other parts I’m flexible. One of the things I used to do in the past was I’d be far too regimented in what I would eat, and as such I would put a lot of pressure on myself to succeed and be disappointed in the end result if it wasn’t what I was hoping for.

One of the key changes is the fact I’m trying different things. I told you last week about adding cous-cous to my repertoire of easy to make base meals and it’s something I’ve been looking into. One of the things I’ve been doing a bit more this week, and will focus on this coming week is reducing the amount I have as the base meal, and increasing the amount of vegetables/free food I have. It can be something simple as adding a bit more mushrooms, or an extra onion in my case.

This coming week is going to see the introduction of salad to that selection- again, I’ll tell you about it shortly, but where possible I’ll be adding salad to things. Prime example- my breakfast. I’m partial to a fried egg with toasted bread in a sandwich for breakfast. (Sometimes it can be bacon, or gammon rounds- it really depends. As strange as it might seem, I’m planning to add salad to that to increase the filling power. That’s the plan, anyway.

I’m planning to up the ante with doing different things this week. I bought some rice this week, and plan to use that in combination with my usual vegetable medley, I’m going to sneak one or two stir frys in there… get the idea.

The key to success is balance. It’s okay to have the odd treat- but keep it within the syns balance and if you go over- eat less syns the following day- advice I gave to another member.

Angel’s Delights

Last week I promised I’d tell you about a little web video series I started scheming before Christmas. I’m hoping to get it off the ground by Easter. Basically, one of the members in the group, Graeme is a terrific bloke and boy can he entertain. So, the idea is- we do videos of him cooking various healthy/slimming world friendly recipes, whack them in the great wide open of the internet and hopefully people will enjoy it. We’ll chuck in a couple extra bits, so watch this space…..

Featured Meal

It’s one I haven’t long finished eating. Jacket Potato, with a small amount of flora light spread with salad accompanied with one onion and half a tub of mushrooms which I pan fried with garlic frylight (as in the pictures- to the left on a PC, at the top on a phone). I haven’t done jacket potatoes for myself in quite a while, and it wasn’t as well executed as it could have been- but I will tell you something- the side of salad with onions and mushrooms more than made up for it. I’m not that keen on eating salad on it’s own, but the combination of flavours was utterly delightful and I might have just found myself a very healthy treat.

The Coming Week….

Can I do it? Is this the week? I am 3.5lb away from being 20st exactly. It’s going to be a tough order- but I will give it my best shot. A target slightly more in reach is that of the three stone award- I’m 2.5lb away from that. If my usual luck is anything to go by, I’ll miss one of them by half a pound- it happens a lot- but I am incredibly focused on making a success of it. So it won’t be through a lack of trying.

As always, next week I’ll update you on how I’ve done, and also, with any luck, I’ll be able to report back with good news. Watch this space…..

If you’re like me and are losing weight, good luck for the coming week. If not….then have a nice week anyway and thanks for reading.