I made a mistake in my last diary. I said that October was my dodgy month- I’ve just checked the records, it was actually November where across the month I ended it half a pound heavier than I started it.

The start of December was a bit rocky too, and I’m not going to lie, that affected my confidence even if it didn’t destroy my determination to succeed. But my last gain was a month ago now. Since I weighed in on 11/12/2017, even with the hazard that is Christmas, I have lost 7lb in four weeks.

And yes, that means, this week I lost weight again (and got my 2.5 stone award)

The Week in a nutshell

I’ve never shied away from the fact I’m not a perfect dieter. I don’t go on splurges that often, but I tend to be relatively liberal in my approach to things, as I find if I’m too strict to myself I’m more likely to go astray.

So the first couple days weren’t what I’d call ideal, but at the same time they weren’t terrible. (I might have overindulged on Garlic Bread on one evening, though the rest of the day was syn-free).

However come the weekend, I’d been doing some thinking about how far I’ve come, and it gave me extra momentum to what has been a decent last month.

Not being the most creative of cooks, and being extremely busy with a lot of split and long days (I currently pay my bills by being a Community Carer!) sometimes I have to rely on things I can make quickly and easily. I’m quite fond of some of the Batchelors pasta and sauces you can get, likewise, microwave rice if it’s plain isn’t too harsh on the syn count. However, when rooting through my cupboard, I found some Batchelors Couscous I bought a while back, and thought why the hell not- as such, I had that with my favourite combination of chicken, mushrooms and onions. (As seen in the pictures). For the lot- bear in mind it was two packets as I was very hungry (I tend to eat bigger at lunch as it’s often a long stretch for dinner), Asda’s cooked frozen spicy chicken, half a packet of mushrooms and two onions- 1 syn for the lot. Delicious.

Featured Meal

Credit due here to my housemate Georgia for this one. She’s slowly learning to make meals that I won’t hiss about syns at, and this one was delicious (again, the picture is in the article- at the top if you’re reading it on a phone, on the left if you’re reading it at a desktop).

It’s plain fish (one haddock, one cod) with vegetables and what I’ve dubbed “Smash Bites”. Basically, by using less water she shaped the dried smash into a dough like consistency and shaped them into balls, before adding garlic seasoning and putting them under the grill with the fish. They were absolutely lovely (I even had a second helping…). The gravy was made using stock cubes, water and- you’ll like this- a small amount of smash acting as a thickener. Unconventional, but it works marvellously well. Syn Free, too…..

The Coming Week

I’m reasonably confident for this coming week. I’ve got a rough idea in my head of what I’m going to eat and when. If I can lose another two pounds this week I’ll be content- while I’ll always be glad of any loss, I’d quite like to sustain a 2lb a week loss average if I possibly can. I’m hoping to get to Summer and while some are after a beach body, I’ll be quite content with not having a beached whale body. I’m approaching one of my major milestones- I haven’t been under twenty stone in around eight years. I’m six and a half pounds away.

Coming Next Week: Another update (fingers crossed for good news!), and I’ll be telling you about an online video series featuring healthy recipes I’ve been planning…..

If you’re like me and are losing weight, good luck for the coming week. If not….then have a nice week anyway and thanks for reading.