To celebrate half a year of attending Slimming World, I thought I’d start a new thing- a weight loss diary, where I tell you all about my journey.

As this is the first entry, let’s give you a bit of background.

Before Slimming World….

For as long as I can remember, my weight has been bad. I was a big child (weight wise). When I was younger, I had an un-diagnosed health condition that was not noticed until I was in my late teens, by which time I was very big. I would be lying if I said I had done all in my power after that date to lose it, but I didn’t. I’m not one of the stereotypical “five McDonalds a week” obese, but I didn’t know a lot about healthy eating and as such, in hindsight I could have done more.

And for a few years, I’ve yo-yo’ed up and down in my weight between 22 and 24 stone. My highest ever weight was around 24st 9lb (around the time the first photo was taken).

When Dad’s partner Julie moved down from Peterborough, she encouraged me to join Slimming World. She had been a member up in Peterborough and was transitioning to a group upon her arrival. So I did that.

I lost weight- then it kinda tailed away when I was unable to manage my work schedule around going to group, and motivation dropped. The weight gained again, and I was 23st 1lb.

It was a wake-up call. I noticed I was slipping towards the weight I once was and that was something I definitely did NOT want. So, come 12 July 2017, I decided to return.

The Story so far….

In twenty six weeks, I have lost 2st 6.5lb. October was a difficult month where I found myself stuck, and oddly, where many of my contemporaries gained over the Christmas period, I lost. The two pictures below the first are ones I took on 7 January 2018, in the same shirt I wore in the first picture.

I should add before I go on that you’re going to see a lot of raving about Slimming World. I should say I’m not paid to say this, though I wouldn’t mind the odd fiver or free week to say what I already think.

Going to group is one of the highlights of my week. The consultant, Ria, is extremely enthusiastic and passionate about what she does, and does her utmost to make the group engaging and lively. The group are a lovely bunch, always willing to celebrate your success and there to provide encouragement when it all goes belly up. You get the feeling that you’re all in this together.

One of the things Ria has implemented to tremendous success is a system where the room is split into two teams. The Tutti Fruttis, and the team I am on, the Vegetables. You get points for various successes. It makes it competitive, and fun. She also encourages interaction on the private social media group for members to share recipes and ideas.

The key thing to remember with Slimming World is it’s NOT a diet. A diet is where you have a five minute fix to a ten minute problem. It might be fine today, but what do you do tomorrow when you finish dieting? It’s a lifestyle change. You’re encouraged to change the way you look at food, how you prepare it and what you eat- it’s important to remember that you are encouraged to eat plenty. It’s just about the equilibrium of what you eat based around the idea of energy density and filling power.

It’s a New Year….

I’m not one for New Years Resolutions, but for me the one thing I am keen to do this year is really make a success of losing more weight. I’ve got to the point where I see and feel the weight I’ve lost, and I want to lose more. I’m motivated as hell. I don’t even feel I’m making changes anymore.

If I replicate my weight loss from the first twenty six weeks across the whole of this year, come 2019 I will have lost an extra five stone.

But I plan to go better than that….